Becki Rasmussen
2 min readApr 12, 2021


Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay

Little Fairy

“Do you see the little fairy?
It moves along the hill.
It beckons me into the wood,
Luring me for the kill.”

“I outsmarted that fairy, see!
Its little body glows,
I caught it in the jar, you see,
but nobody knows!”

“I caught myself a fairy!” He cried,
“Forever she’ll be mine!
My wish her command!” Said he,
“bread, cakes, and wine!”

Then one day the boy forgot
his fairy in a jar
A long lost toy a forgotten joy
Shining like a star

His wedding day arrived in June
The fragrant flowers bloom
A fairies curse began that day
The sky filled with gloom

The little boy had never known
when he became a man
A fairy’s curse would claim his soul
And so the day began

The darkened sky filled with black
and winged things emerged
With horns, and beaks, with claws and teeth
The decimation surged

The boy who now is a man,
Looked around in awe
The ones he loved, were all around
Shocked by what he saw

A voice rang out from in the trees
“Follow, follow me”
There inside the shaded wood
His little fairy free

Her little fingers beckoning
Helpless to her pleas
He followed her through the trees
Falling to his knees

The little fairy changed
Grew before his eyes
No longer just a little thing
her cries fill the sky

“Little boy who imprisoned me
No longer can you hide
Its time for you to pay the price
Of keeping me inside”

Without warning, without fail
He began to shrink
Into a little jar, he went
Before he could blink

The little Fairy outsmarted me
Trapped me in a jar
To serve her for eternity
To never see a star



Becki Rasmussen

I have been writing since I was old enough to formulate sentences on paper on my own. However, I did not realize this was my dream job until I was much older.